Thursday, January 23, 2014

what is dead may never die

According to the internet, this video was posted on January 12th. BUT SOMEHOW I didn't see the trailer for season 4 of Game of Thrones up until a few days ago.... and if this trailer is indicative of the tone of the entire season in any way I have a feeling that it's going to be a good one. CHELSEA WOLFE, for goodness sake. Let me shake the hand of the genius that chose this song for the trailer, it is 100% perfection (and one of my favorite songs of last year in general!). April is going to be a good month.

In celebration, a roundup of my dream Game of Thrones-y items. After all, a lady has to have some way of pretending she's a member of the Night's Watch.

1) moon pendant by kelly lamb 2) combat battle boots at necessary clothing 3) all seeing eye amulet by mudpuppy 4) charcoal water filter at leif 5) two of swords earrings by bloodmilk

Here comes the big one! If you win the lottery and are stumped with how to spend all that money, might I recommend buying me a present?

empty moon phase shelf by stone & violet

I MEAN REALLY. This thing is a requirement for my true happiness.


  1. Girl, YES. This is a perfect round up. And yes, please to a girl version of the Night Watch.

    1. RIGHT? Ladies dressed up in like, boiled leather armor and furs protecting our fellow ladies from what lies beyond the wall AKA GUYS WHO WALK UP BEHIND YOU AT THE BAR AND TAKE FRENCH FRIES OFF YOUR PLATE AS AN ATTEMPT TO FLIRT.*

      *real life story**
      **don't take my fries ever