Monday, January 13, 2014

current events

recent things: badges from Jen / it was colder in Minnesota than it was in Antarctica last Monday, so....

Hello again, world! I don't have a physical list of new years resolution anywhere, but I guess I should probably try to keep up with the blog. It's not as though I'm doing this professionally or even regularly, but it's a nice practice and I get a lotttt of satisfaction from going through my archives and remembering stuff from years ago. Does anyone else do that? Am I crazy? Bueller?

Anyway, the year has continued to be pretty great so far. I made quesdillas twice last week, which is a definite sign of success. Coming in at a close second for greatness was this little feature in Communication Art's typography annual:

All kidding aside, it was seriously so great to see my name alongside all the cool folks at Colle + Mcvoy. This project continues to be one of my dreams come true, so I'm feeling super blessed to have been able to work on it. Insert hands high emojicon herrreeeee~~~~

If all this career talk bores you, why not check out this most glorious moment I managed to catch on the Golden Globes last night? Some people seem to be insinuating that Diddy was stealing the moment, but they're just jealous that they didn't get to be on a boat with him.


  1. I just want you to know I have so much brand loyalty to Caribou (ha my blog name! and you!). Also, the design really does look good, and I truly appreciate a well designed product - oh aesthetics. Congrats on having a good year thus far!

  2. ah you're a dream girl to me! I only hope I can push my illustration to meld with my graphic design and some day get cool gigs like you my dear! ho hum! oh how did that online class go btw?