Thursday, September 5, 2013

fair enough

After reading Annie's round up of her day at the fair (she got some DONUT BEER, so jealous) I figured I might as well do a little one of my own!

If you're not from Minnesota you, as I did when I moved here, might be scratching your head in confusion. "The state fair?" You might be asking yourself, "People go to those? Isn't it just a bunch of cows?" I mean, yes, it is a bunch of cows. BUT THERE'S MORE. Minnesota takes its fair VERY seriously - the fairgrounds are on a permanent stake of land, not a field like all the county fairs I'd been to in Michigan. There are PERMANENT buildings. There are REAL STREETS, you can see them on google maps and everything! Maybe other states do this as well, but in Michigan they don't even have a state fair anymore, so I can't exactly speak on the matter.

But really folks, the most important part of the fair is getting the weirdest food you can, drinking beer, walking around, people watching and maybe playing some arcade games. This year we went late on the very last day, so all the animals were already gone... but it was nice and cool, and the crowds were down. You could even hear the vocal stylings of Toby Keith wafting from the Grandstand.

state fair 2013 state fair 2013
waiting in line outside the grandstand for our fried olives / first beer of the day

In case you were curious, here is a list of everything I tasted on that day. If you're into healthy food you  might want to skip this portion, otherwise you may experience heart palpitations.

-cheese curds
-beer (3)
-comet corn (illustrated above, these were like.. liquid nitrogen soaked, cap'n crunch flavored nuggets)
-fried olives stuffed with cream cheese (worth the amazingly long wait)
-a piece of fried banana
-corn dog
-cronut dosant 
-minneapple pumpkin pie and cinnamon ice cream

state fair 2013 state fair 2013 state fair 2013 state fair 2013
clockwise: the last fried olive / alex goes for the gold / giant jenga sits alone / alli and her dosant haul

We also went down the giant slide, which was more fun than one might think.

state fair 2013 state fair 2013
inside the agriculture & horticulture building / kidway at dusk

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  1. One of my friends from high school recently moved to Minnesota with her boyfriend and yesterday I looked through a huge facebook photo album of pictures she took at the fair (over 50 photos). She had one of those fried bananas. The town I grew up in (and for the time being currently live in again) is "famous" (to an extent) in New England for our fair but MAN OH MAN - it seems to just pale in comparison to this Minnesota one! Particularly in regards to the amount/variety of food, the ability to drink there & butter sculptures. I want to go and eat like 10 different kinds of fried things.