Friday, September 13, 2013

cel style (#4)

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Woops! It's been quite awhile since I've done one of these fun little Miyazaki inspired outfit posts. I've been focusing quite a bit of energy on my freelance work and this ol' bloggy has been pretty clearly reflecting it. So let's take a little break, shall we?

Spirited Away! Even though this is a pretty popular Miyazaki movie, I'd been avoiding doing an outfit post for it because Chihiro (the main character, another great multi-faceted heroine who grows with the plot) spends the entire movie in very childish clothing OR a salmon colored garment. A little much, either way. However with the oncoming late summer/early fall weather I think I have something figured out - even with a little nod to Yubaba's totally amazing earrings and Chihiro's adorable soot buddies.


  1. I was JUST talking about Spirited Away with people yesterday! The earrings. So great.

  2. Ermehgawd. I want to re-watch it now.