Sunday, August 5, 2012

rock & roll


Inside this little bowl I found at a garage sale there are secrets. 6 little rocks, each to be sealed in a small envelope and attached to the back of each copy of It Will Be Known to Us.


The idea to make these totems came from my love of collecting snippets of nature when I'm in a new place. It's the sort of thing your mom probably did when you took your family vacation to the ocean back when you were young... at least, that's what my mom did. And now I'll do it too, and soon you will have the fruits of my weird, collect-y labor.


We collected them along the shore of Tenmile Lake during our recent trip to the cabin, but hopefully they'll travel much further than the three hour trip back to the Twin Cities. Get the word out! This thing is going to be all sorts of greyscale creepy fun, in one little zine-y package!


Alli took the last two photos in this post, and man. Talk about another lady making some great new work - some of it creepy as well!

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  1. Love yr little totems! Also love that lake you were at!