Saturday, August 11, 2012

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I'm guessing that not many folks that read my blog are super duper into video games (although if you're out there holler! Fashion-art-videogame nerds UNITE). Even if you're not that into something simple like Tetris, I'm just going to let you cast your eyes on the visual feast that is Sword & Sworcery. It's this amazing little iphone game that combines adventure, puzzles, and a few bear fights for good measure all in the most detailed pixel-y goodness imaginable. I love nature in video games, and this game does nature in a gorgeous and unique way.

image from kotaku

The folks that made this game are pretty great, too. You can tell they have a sense of humor AND an appreciation for the arts - as evidenced by their crowd sourced "A/V Jam", a call for art and music and whatever else based on their game. I love this one by Annie Carbo!

Oh, and did I mention the music for the game is gorgeous? Like, listen to it by itself gorgeous? Jim Guthrie knows how it's done.

I'm not exactly a game reviewer or anything, so I won't say too much about the game itself - but it is terribly fun and you should probably give it a try. Here's one last look, for funsies...

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