Saturday, July 14, 2012

pop pop

popsicle affirmation
(illustration by me!)

This morning and most of this whole week, when not at work, I've spent at the computer working on projects. Yes it's been tough to look out the window and think to myself "I could be sunning myself at a park or swimming in a lake", but it's also be SO rewarding. 

Popping over to my pinterest for a second to scope out possible color palettes for one of said projects, I couldn't help but notice my popsicle obsession has kicked it up a notch recently. I made some minty watermelon pops (eh) and some strawberry/mango/lemonade pops (YESGOOD) recently, and am now looking for my next recipe to try out. 

Which one do you think I should go for?

coconut mango creamsicles from the everyday girl/chanelling contessa

herb infused lemonade popsicles from // cucumber honeydew margarita "poptails" from endless simmer 

bourbon peaches & cream popsicle from endless simmer

p.s. anyone catch the Community reference

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  1. Well that's a resounding BOURBON PEACHES & CREAM from me!