Sunday, February 19, 2012

keyframe: winnertime!

Well folks, I wrote down all your names and put them in my Mason Jar of Destiny, found my Lovely Assistant Bryan playing video games and had him randomly pick one. Congratulations....

April!!! You are the winner of the super duper awesome Key to Wonderland necklace from Shabby Apple! Please shoot me a line at etrithart (at) gmail (dot) com with you name and address so we can get your new treasure shipped over to you!

To my other commenters - thanks for entering! I'm hoping I'll have more opportunities to give away more fantastic things, so you allllll can win.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Emailing you right now. :) Totally stoked to have won something pretty to wear!

    On a side note, my little sister is back in Minnesota this week visiting friends (she went to college there) and I enjoyed seeing your first photo of the snow in your post today, because we have not had anything like that in this part of Oregon this winter. I hope my sis is getting some snow while she's in the Midwest. I know she misses it (the weirdo). :)