Monday, February 20, 2012

film club


Another collection of shots from my little Olympus, on permanent loan from the charming Allison. Included in this go: a birthday party, an all night work section, some other stuff, and more cats. The photo above is from the one day that it actually looked like a Minnesota winter.

for the love of love
poster show buddies

chance's birthday
Chance's "power to the people" birthday crown

tadgh in the sunroom
tadgh, cat extraordinaire

bill in the sunroom
Bill, orange shirt wearing extraordinare

perfect pair worknight
this is my "working on a friday night" face

chance's birthday
straight out of Suspiria


  1. gorgeous, i especially love the photograph of the cat :)

  2. Yes, film club film club! I ran into a bunch of polaroid film lately and have been trying to take it with me everywhere I go! Also, Is Suspiria on Netflix?? I need to see it.

  3. Sandy - Thanks lady! Tadgh is so easy to photograph, as he is a supermodel cat.

    Alli - DUDE lets go on a polaroid ADVENTURE. Once it's warm enough out, of course.

    In the meantime, I don't think Suspiria is on instant. Maybe talk to that crafty husband of yours, I'm sure he can come up with a solution!! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT, IT IS SO GREAT.