Sunday, January 9, 2011

week end

sunday breakfast

ahhh, back into the regular routine. 5 day weeks, 2 day weekends, no more christmas tree. It's sort of sad to leave the holidays behind, but once the transition is over it can be a relief.

I still am in hermit-mode, with most of my nights involving sitting on our (new!) couch and watching movies and tv. We've watched MicMacs (cute), Please Give (very cute), and about four more episodes of Boardwalk Empire (dang that show is good).

Today is shaping up to be pretty good so far, too. I've got breakfast (toast with laughing cow cheese and jam, and a hardboiled egg) and later I will probably buy myself a new robe or bake a cake. Or both.

sunday breakfast

a rose is a rose

In other news I did some design work for the positively charming Rebecca Brown over at we are large, people and in thanks she sent me a bevy of goodies, including a handmade slip... which I still need to photograph properly. I'm so excited to wear it under everything when it gets warm out.

the end! happy 2011


  1. you are super sweet to post about me! i'm so glad you liked the slip and flower pin! I continue to get LOTS of compliments on my site, thanks to your awesome drawing skillz :).

  2. oh yum. i am so hungry now!
    i'm ever so pleased to hear that your package arrived safely...and that you like everything!? yay! i wanna see you wearing that rodeo cardi!! hehehehe