Saturday, January 22, 2011

cold season

Towards The Horizon
Towards the Horizon by Phillip Klinger

Perhaps it's because I've been living in Minnesota for 7 years and have built myself a strange dual mentality of "I HATE THIS WEATHER / I chose to live here to I better get over it", but whenever I hear the woes of people living in balmier states getting a few inches of snow I have to scoff. Yesterday it was EIGHTEEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO. My car literally protested starting up, although I really can't blame it. Someone mentioned the "January" thaw the other day and I felt far too hopeful that this would happen soon. I'm not asking for 80 degree weather and a pool with a cabana (although I wouldn't say no...), I just want it to be, say, 20 degrees above zero. Heck, I'd be okay with 18.

In preparation, though, for when this cursed icy tundra does start to melt a tidbit, I've begun to think about late winter clothing. The floppy hat in particular is calling out to me... although it might be a trap (see: suspenders). Backpacks are also on my mind, altough I'll save that particular obsession for another post.

(hat:miss selfridges, yuketen backpack: madwell, booties: kurt geiger, sweater dress: marc my marc jacobs, polka dot tights: opening ceremony, sunglasses: h&m, snood scarf: heine, belt: calypso st. barth)


  1. Whenever my boyfriend laments the cold and says, "Why did we move to Wisconsin?" I always point out that it's way colder in Minnesota. It's the only ammo I have.

  2. Yeah, just tell him to look up "International Falls, Minnesota" and Wisconsin will look like a frickin' tropical resort.

  3. It's always nice when people around here remind me that it's really not that cold because- they are from the U.P. OR your stomping ground and i'm just a big wuss. hahaha...even though i was born here, and raised with winters, being out on the west coast completely ruined me i my room-mate is in california as we speak, and i am seething with jealousy.. lol