Saturday, August 21, 2010

shipe shape

dazzle painting plan

I think I may have found something that my brother and I could collaborate on. The thing about my little brother is that we are mostly opposites - he is very tall, good at math, excels in music (trombone! sousaphone! piano!), and actually went to college for something that will make him money.... NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARINE ENGINEERING. (The only reason I remember this incredibly long and difficult sounding major is that you can shorten it to NAME.) There's little overlap in our fields... except for DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE

Dazzle camoflage was created by a British marine artist that, instead of making the ship difficult to see, made it difficult to determine the size, speed, and direction the boat was heading. If I was a bad guy and I saw one of these things comin' towards me I would also surely be terrified by my enemy's excellent taste.

Dazzle camo has also been used for personal ships, including a yacht designed by Jeff Koons and the amazing DAZZLE LASER SAILBOAT whose name I may never get over.

So Jacob: lets design a floating modern art museum/ cruise ship. It'll be great, I promise.


  1. yikes! looks like the val-spar building

  2. this is the strangest thing! one of my friends just told me about dazzle camo last week and i thought it was completely absurd/fascinating - and now here it is on your blog!

    love it!