Tuesday, August 3, 2010

camera obscura

Well, it finally happened. After pining after my friends iphones and blackberries endlessly, dreaming checking my e-mail surreptitiously without having to bring out the computer, checking into four square, actually being able to DO something with the pictures I take on my phone.... I GOT A SMARTPHONE. And it is lovely. (a droid incredible, for those curious. I highly recommend it so far.)

My current obsession is the toy camera/polaroid application. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

p.s. yes, we got a set of mounted antlers for the wall. I found them at a giant sprawling flea market during my yearly pilgrimage there (three years in a row!), and they happened to be exactly what I was looking for at the right price point (i.e. cheaptown). However, there are many to be found on etsy... that last one is my fave.


  1. gah! the boyfriend and i went to go get matching droid phones yesterday but we were dismayed by the options that had qwerty keyboard so we went away empty handed. this keyboard is a must, as we both loathe touch screens. jealous!

  2. sweeet. love the polos and the antlers of course. i have serious fleamarket envy since i haven't been to a single one all year! bah! p.s. i will be emailing yoooou :)