Friday, June 4, 2010

spice of life

infinite sangria!

Summer time gets me in very specific moods. Generally they revolve around food, like "i'm going to make my own jam this year!" or "i'm going to make my own iced coffee this year so i can have it all the time!" or "i'm going to make so much rhubarb crisp this year it's not even funny"..... and then it never happens.

BUT MARK MY WORDS, PEOPLE. This year I am going to (1) make my own salsa and (2) make various alcoholic and nonalcoholic fancy drinks. They will not take up too much time or money. They will be delicious. They will be mine.

My salsa recipe requirements are getting lengthy: spicy, savory salsas ONLY (I really detest sweet salsas), preferably cooked tomatoes, and no avocados (I love 'em, but the boy is allergic). Thus the ones I'm considering include this one from Serious Eats, one All Recipes, or something fancy like this one from epicurious or this one from food& wine magazine.

SO MANY CHOICES. Anybody know a good one?


  1. You should look into sangrita:

    It's both a spicy tomatoey thing and a delicious drink that follows alcohol.

  2. Emma you should let me know when you're going to make lots of salso, and I will come over and we will make salso ans chat and have fun!!!