Friday, October 2, 2009

fall into place

Recently I decided to become a seasonal tourist. In other words, do all the typical things you're supposed to do in any given season. I already drink gin & tonics in the summer and whiskey gingers in the winter, so why not go all out? Food, clothing, activities, all of them WILL GET DONE this year. What's on my fall docket?


Food-wise, I'm all about the spices, apples, and pumpkins. I've never baked a pumpkin pie before, and my mom has a pretty killer recipe that I'm totally going to snag. For all of you not related to my mom, Martha's got a few good recipes. I'm also pretty set on drinking apple cider, making mulled cider, eating apples, and going to an apple orchard.

Before it snows. This may prove to be difficult, but hopefully Minnesota will be good to me.


The chill of fall means two things to me: tons of blankets and TEA TEA TEA (and hot coffee in the mornings). I have the perfect blanket right now - polar fleece on one side, fuzzy lamb-like fleece on the other. IT IS SO COMFY. but I do like this plaid one from Pendleton... it's called the LUMBERMAN BLANKET!! As far as tea goes, I can never have enough cute mugs, and I desperately need a new tea kettle.


With all these blankets and tea and apples, I will probably need to curl up and read a few books. Right now I'm working my way through Stiff, but next up I'd like to read some books that are good on the inside AND the outside - like Cheerful Money (getting tons of write ups) or The Mysterious Benedict Society... the first book, that is. THE ONE THAT CARSON ELLIS ILLUSTRATED. She is my hero, guys.

Also, I'm still obsessed with these ugly/cute boots. I CANNOT TELL IF THEY ARE UGLY OR CUTE PLEASE HELP.


  1. I think those boots are all about how you wear them. They will DEFINITELY be cute with tights and skirts this fall. Do it.

  2. The boots definitely aren't MY style, but I think they could be cute. You should wear what you'd think you'd want to wear with them and try them on. See how they feel and look.

  3. I am in love with that teapot!!

    And I think those shoes are super cute! :)