Tuesday, June 16, 2009



On my trip to ra-cha-cha (or rochester) the cousins and I hit an amazing garage sale where I picked up this little red number. I didn't try it on or anything, with the thought that if it didn't fit i'd simply put it in the shop (how great is that option?! I'm loving the vintage shop cop out) but it fits PERFECT. I love how it's a little baggy but still fits well in the arms. It makes me feel like a spunky artist character in an old film for some reason. I've been desperately trying to search out what film I could use as an example but haven't come up with any. Suggestions?

Another obsession of mine as of late is the following shoes by Mr. Steven Madden. I tried them on at DSW and had to be carried out of the store kicking and screaming just so that I wouldn't buy them.... and now I can't find them anywhere online! WHAT IF I NEVER OWN THEM.

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  1. you totally need to get these so that when you come to Boston or I come to St. Paul we can amaze and confuse people with our matching shoes!