Wednesday, June 10, 2009


theta chi
theta chi
sigma sigma sigma
pinky getting ready
pinky & bob

while visiting the fam in rochest, new york, my cousins pulled out my aunt & uncle's old college yearbook. It really made me wish I could time travel back to the 60s and go to college all over again - you should have seen the photo for the philosophy club!! The large group of fellows in the first photos belong to Theta Chi, my uncle's fraternity. If you want to get a glimpse of Uncle Bob he's the stoic fellow on the motorcycle.

The ladies in the third picture are the Sigma Sigma Sigma ladies- WACKY.

The last two photos are from my aunt and uncle's wedding, which were also amazing. My mom is seated in the first one, looking quite lovely. It seems like snapshots from nowadays don't have the personality and charm they used to. Thanks for the photos, Aunt Pinky!


  1. Aunt Pinky!! Is Pinky her real name!? That's so wonderful. Love the wedding photo.

  2. haha, no, but Pinky is what everyone has called her since she was born.

    Her real name is Marilyn - and, strangely enough, my mom's name is Carolyn. But they are not twins! Rhyming name non-twin siblings are so rare!