Tuesday, November 18, 2008


expo '67

When my parents came and visited me last they brought me a few little goodies, including a little plastic bag from Expo 67 - from the USSR booth! ohoho how funny. All historical references aside, check out the color blocks on this thing! I love how strong each design looks, very solid. My favorite is probably the can on the bottom - I like the intersecting colors and all the different kinds of type. Very very wonderful.

Also, saw the new Bond film over the weekend and really liked it. Thought the whole "revenge" plot line was mildly unnecessary, but who really cares? The action was frantic and tots awesome and the TYPOGRAPHY. woah. I am not an expert in type, but in myyyy opinion I thought all the location cards were really wonderful. You can look at screencaps from them here and look at more work from Tomato, the always impressive people who did them, here.

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  1. WHERE did your parents get that?! Do they keep EVERYTHING?!? Jealous.