Monday, October 27, 2008

miss white in the hallway with the crown molding

I was trying to find interior shots for The Shinig, given that I'm watching it right now and wanted to speak of its beautiful interior design. Along the way, however, I came across this article in the Times. It's kind of like a real version The Westing Game or Clue... without the whole "dead guy's will" thing. Basically a rich family hired an architecture firm to redo the interior of their apartment, but the designer didn't just redo their interior. He put a giant, complicated puzzle literally into the woodwork. How weird would that be to come home and be like "hey honey, how was work? mm, yes, good. well, how about we go solve the next leg of the puzzle? I think there might be a clue in the kitchen cupboards."


p.s. J.J. already has the rights to the movie

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