Friday, October 10, 2008

fine, fine. list time.

It all started when Alli posted on her blog the ubiquitous "i want one" list. I drooled over libemarlene's lists many times over, but it was not until Alli so sagely pointed out the fact that, if you go shopping, a list could save you money, rather than you just buying whatever you like.

Because, honestly, I think nowadays if I did that I'd just buy dresses. It's my bad habit.

So here it is, my list of lists (shortened for my own bank account):

+a plaid dress. I know this is a dress, technically, but I have longed after them so very much, I think I can make an exception. (image from cora boutique)

+slouchy hat. I had one last year that I stole from my dad, but I LOST IT. quelle domage. (image from urban outfitters) GOT IT

+shorty short gloves. because my hands get cold. (don't remember where these were from)

+NEW HEELS. I don't care what they look like, the only requirement is not wedges and not black. (image from GOT IT

+bow headband. In order to properly transform myself into Blaire Waldorf. (image from topshop) GOT IT

+new skirt. Must be poofy or pencil skirt. Cannot be all black or denim. (image also from topshop)

nerdfest: over.

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