Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I couldn't help it. I had to get a pro flickr account. I JUST UPLOAD TOO MUCH STUFF NOW! I mean, I might as well take advantage of my totally sweet camera. Like last night, at Miss Allison's birthday soiree, I took a bunch of pictures and then I wanted to upload them on flickr, but flickr was all "you've almost reached your limit!" So I bought a pro account for a year.

This will be especially handy now because i'm tots addicted to wardrobe remix. It is basically an opportunity for me to pretend like I get my picture taken for street fashion blogs/fashion magazines/celebrity gossip mags EVERY DAY if I want. Plus it will be kind of cool if I keep this up to look back on it in a year. I'll be able to see the evolution of my own style! FASCINATING! Also, everyone in the group is super nice and I get awesome comments on almost all my outfits! It's a giant boost straight to the ego. I suggest it for all girls who like fashion.

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