Thursday, August 7, 2008


hi blog. you are one of many blogs i have had, but hopefully you will be a good one.

This blog is going to, hopefully, chronicle a lot of my work - some that you'll see on my website, some that you won't. Also covered will probably be my three loves (food, fashion, other stuff) and things that I think are fun or funny or interesting or downright crazy.

Pictured is a sketch I found on my computer that I don't even remember drawing! How crazy is that? You'd think I'd remember everything I've drawn, but this little doodad proves that theory wrong. I fixed it up in photoshop for fun, just so that it didn't feel bad about itself. I think the sketch was meant to be about how I got mugged last summer with some friends - a somber topic I've been kind of trying to illustrate recently. INTERESTING!

well, blog, there you go.

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