Friday, November 13, 2015


Sorry it's been all quiet around here recently! I've been working full time during the day and freelancing my lil' patootie off at night... AND (in whatever spare time I have left) I've been hard at work designing an enamel pin with Lisa!

Maybe you remember this special lady? She was a part of the 10 gif poems we created for Dear Claudia a couple months back. Lisa contacted me one day suggesting that this illustration in particular should have its moment in the real world as an enamel pin, and so we dove head first into upping our #pingame.

And now, finally, she's ready for you to purchase! Because we love spooky dates and things you can buy the pin starting today, Friday the 13th. AND because we love spooky dates A LOT we're offering FREE SHIPPING (no code required) until the next full moon (November 25th). You even get a lovely backing card with the poem that inspired this pin in the first place! GUYS WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

p.s. watch our official instagram/tumblr for more photos!

both photos by Lisa

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