Monday, July 13, 2015

cherry on top

I was totally going to start doing these sparkle foods weekly. I think I maybe even promised that on this very blog? Okay yes I just went back and looked and I did indeed bandy about the word "weekly". The problem appears to be that I have a hard time keeping up with ongoing personal projects because I get VERY EXCITED about other person projects/paying jobs. 

Anyway, I'm now saying that sparkle foods will be a semi-regular series. And here's the latest edition! This started as a photo:

And then some super cool buddies of mine suggested I turn it into a sparkly gif! Challenge ACCEPTED of course, and then I realized that I would have to figure out how to make the food move - all the other ones have some sort of moving part besides the sparkle. Eventually I called to mind our old place in St. Paul, where a tree right outside our windows would make these suuuuper dreamy leaf shadows that quietly swayed back and forth.

It took me... awhile... to figure out how to actually make that work in animated form. Have I mentioned before that I only took ONE animation class and that was all the way back in like 2006? I'm not a very good animator you guys.

For reference, here is my insane-o work screen. I wish I would have taken screenshots of my process so you could see the whole thing, but this should sum up the craziness. Does anyone else like seeing how people lay out their Photoshop? I am VERY interested in it, in a weird voyeuristic way. #showmeyourphotoshop 

yeah yeah I hardly ever name my layers, yell at me now.

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  1. I love how you added movement to this, Emma, very lovely and evocative. My Photoshop layout looks a lot like yours, but with the lightest color theme and without the animation tab :)