Wednesday, June 10, 2015

melon head

Etsy has clearly been on my mind recently! Shopping there of course, but now I'm delving back into selling a little bit.

So I whipped up a couple listings and did a little "soft open" of my shop last week. Currently there are only two items but I'm planning on doing more invites soon. If there's something you'd really love to see let me know!

One of the two items available is this fun fruit themed party invite above! Who doesn't love a good pineapple to start the party? I've had such a great time making little party paper freebies in the past that I wanted to do something new to coincide with my shop's opening.

Without further ado I present to you: MINI WATERMELON BUNTING!
(download here, for the impatient)

Seriously, the possibilities are endless for these tiny babies. I just hung them on my wall, but you could make a cake topper or wrap little gifts in it! Or just wrap your entire self int them and live a watermelon-y life.

Making them is super duper easy too, and if it's coming from me (my craft is.... sub par?) it must be true.

What you'll need:
  • The printable file from yours truly
  • An exacto knife or scissors 
  • Twine or string in whatever color your heart desires
  • Glue! I used Tacky Glue and it worked like a charm.

What you'll do:
  1. Cut out the little watermelon diamonds!
  2. Fold on the dotted line - if your paper is a little stiff like mine was you can try making a veeeery light score with your exacto knife. That way your paper won't tear!
  3. Outline one of the triangles with glue. Make sure to get the glue in the crease! I applied it slightly away from the outer edges so that it didn't squish out in the next step.
  4. Place the open diamond where you'd like it to be underneath the twine and squish it together! 
  5. REPEAT!!!

 Now you have fun party invitations and fun party decorations... all you need is some cake and you're set!

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