Monday, April 27, 2015


Good morning, internet! I made this animated gif for my buddies that threw me the greatest surprise bachelorette party known to man. I actually ended up having TWO bachelorette parties - one in LA (the surprise) and one in Minnesota, and they were both seriously the best. Pizza was ingested, karaoke was performed, bingos were gotten and friends were awesome.

Look, I know it's Monday and you are not currently having your own bachelorette party (and if you are please reconsider your decision to read my blog when you should be living it up), but don't worry guys! YOU CAN DO IT. TODAY WILL BE GREAT. Think about pugs and flower crowns and animated gifs and WRITE THAT E-MAIL.

If this gif isn't enough, if your morning has been particularly morning-y, then let me recommended you google "flower crown dog" and let that take you away to a happy place. "Flower crown cat" also turned up some fantastic results.

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