Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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So I had a couple posts planned out to be spaced nice and evenly this week because I am BEHIND on blogging and I actually WANT to be blogging. But then I forgot to get some ink and some stuff got pushed back so now instead of nice evenly spaced posts you're (hopefully) about to get three posts right at the end of the week.

But it'll be a nice pick me up... right? Uh huh okay! We're starting today with a plethora of movies I've seen in the past year that really got me EXCITED about movies again. You know how some films just sit on your queue or in the back of your head until you've convinced yourself that they're probably not worth watching anyway? Well.. it happens to me on the reg and I am trying to kick that habit. There are so many AMAZING movies hanging out in the universe (new and old) that it's time to celebrate them, Lazy Emma.

Here are some of my favorites in trailer form for your viewing pleasure...

This was one of the first movies we saw in theaters after moving to LA and it did NOT disappoint. The entire tone is quiet and dangerous, as any self respecting movie about a man-eating sexy alien should be. Also the music is TOP NOTCH. 

Let's keep with the creepy theme. This one is available on Netflix (you're welcome) and I really honestly think you shouldn't watch the trailer if at all possible, because you cannot even talk about this movie without major spoilers. JUST GO WATCH IT. It's so sososoosososososososo good, maybe my favorite movie of the year.

It's kind of funny that these first three trailer thumbnails are just a photo of the movie's most famous actor? I guess that gets you excited for ACTORS, like Joaquin Phoenix? He was amazing in this - but also get ready for a very psychedelic, loose narrative experience. Hopefully you like those.

The first time we saw the trailer for this movie I was SUPER INTO IT and everyone else laauugghed and laughed and said "oh Emma this looks silly". WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, HMM? Yeah, it's SUPER silly, but that's what makes this movie GREAT. Also Keanu - more of a babe with age? He wears an all black suit and I was totally into it.

And now for something completely different! Obvs this last one is a little NSFW, but only on the surface. In reality this was at once a sweet and sad documentary - a lovely little portrait of a career and a marriage.

Tell me what movies I should watch next! I'm all ears/eyes.

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