Sunday, October 12, 2014

ritual union

Look, I know anytime someone who has a blog gets engaged and posts about wedding planning says exactly what I'm about to say.. but I'll say it anyway: this isn't going to turn into a wedding planning blog. PROMISE! But I've got some major thoughts that I'm so excited about, and what's a blog if not a place to put those thoughts!

We're still more than a year out from getting married, so right now all we have is a venue and my pinterest board, but that's enough for me to make a little inspiration post! Bryan and I are both visual people, so this whole shindig is going to be a biiiig collaboration for us. There isn't going to be a theme (besides, you know, getting married) and I've been having a hard time even describing the look we're going for. Industrial moody romantic leafy natural mystical...? Does that.. help? No? Okay fine, just look at some inspiration photos.

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  1. Because I didnt say it sooner YES YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSS <3