Sunday, December 8, 2013

heart warming

Haha oh you guys, it's winter. Ahhh how I love being cold all the time, wearing tights under my jeans, being in danger of slipping & falling on the ice. Ahhhhh but really, as much as I complain about these things (sorry, everyone I talk to every day) it is a kind of magical time. We got some snow this week and I have been breaking out all my greatest winter wear in celebration/an attempt not to die from frostbite. 

Living in a place like Minnesota means that we really have to get creative if we want to be stylish AND warm. Those things do not come easily when it's -15 with the windchill. I think I've done the best I can this year, but if you're looking for some ideas then you are in luck, because I online window shop like it's a full time job. I've rounded up three of each of my favorite winter garments for your consideration...

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