Sunday, March 10, 2013

pattern pals #4: secret society

I'll admit, when I suggested to Katie that we do a secret society theme for this week's pattern pals I already had sketched something else. On a whim I had been googling around, doing visual research on the ever popular Odd Fellows, and found this amazing website with loads of Odd Fellow art. The beginnings of this pattern ended up in my sketchbook, and that's when I shared my idea with Katie.

Weirdly enough, without having seen my piece, Katie and I came up with somewhat similar patterns! I guess when you think of secret societies you normally think of some sort of all-seeing-eye? Go check out Katie's, by the way, it is bonkers awesome.

I had a good time with this pattern! Experimenting always.

HERE COME THE DOWNLOADS: repeating tile / iphone wallpaper / ipad wallpaper

And here comes the corresponding dream outfit! This time around I was thinking about what I might wear to a the Master-esque masquerade party on a yacht or something....

  headband / necklace / earrings / shoes (how amazing are these things?) / dressmask / clutch

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