Wednesday, February 27, 2013

pattern pals #3: tropical

That's right friends, it's time for another themed pattern! This week it's going to be around 30 degrees in Minnesota - AKA TROPICAL. Seriously guys, I've been wearing a VARIETY of coats... instead of just the one that is the warmest. It's a miracle, maybe spring really is coming early this year.

To celebrate, Katie and I are dreaming of travel plans and tropical climates. I have a very specific scenario in mind for this pattern: me sitting by a pool that is scattered with fragrant, massive flowers and plants with a tropical drink in hand. That comes through, right?

You know the deal, here come the freebies: repeating tile / iphone wallpaper / ipad wallpaper

I'm also tossing around the idea of including a dream outfit inspired by each pattern from now on.. what do you guys think? This one obviously had to be a beach-worthy outfit...

now someone stop me from online swimsuit shopping....


  1. I think that: (1) Can I tag along on any tropical vacation? I am SO over winter. Ugh. (2) The print and the outfit are super, super cute!

  2. I cannot wait for spring! Over winter too! Come on already! I love the pattern!

  3. This is heavenly. I'm planning a trip to Mexico late summer and its whats getting me through til spring.

  4. It's been said before, but this is lovely. Also: I love the accompanying outfit! We must online swimsuit shop together SOON.

  5. I'm waiting until it hits 40. That's like, totally sandals weather.