Friday, November 9, 2012

looking forward to the weekend


Welcome to the weekend, friends. I'm happy to report that my plans for the following days include relaxing and baking, which is a nice break from last weekend's major (enjoyable) frivolity. To celebrate, I made this little drawing. Yay!!! 

Here are some links to get your weekend going right:

-First put on this crazy awesome Korean girl group 2NE1 and get your dance on. I love the fashion (bling'd out baseball bat! hair horns! THE SHOES OH MY GAH) in this video, and the song sounds a little like current day Robyn, which I love. I'm falling down the Kpop rabbit hole, guys, and I don't think I want to come out of it.

-Are you the drinking kind? I've been making a whole lotta mulled cider with some whiskey poured in for a little extra happiness. My premade mulling spices just ran out, so now I'm looking to put some together myself - this recipe looks good.

-This adorable story about a dad who hacked into a Legend of Zelda for his daughter - cute and nerdy!

-Totally going to try to dig out the sponge rollers and try this out, the Beauty Department always has such good ideas!

In other news, yesterday I was featured on one of my absolute favorite illustration blogs: Pikaland! What a nice surprise :D - they always have such fun an interesting posts, you should seriously check them out some time.

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