Sunday, November 20, 2011



Here are how things generally go in the Emma/Bryan apartment household: One of us will e-mail the other one with some sort of link to a photo of another person's apartment that looks cool. We both freak out (via e-mail, which looks like this: YES OMG YES LETS DO THAT PLZZZZ). I then start online window shopping for whatever it is that we need to recreate the photo, and Bryan sets off to measure things and figure out how to lay things out and all the practical stuff that I am no good at.

This is essentially what happened when Bryan decided that he wanted an American flag for our living room, which I agreed was an awesome idea. After a quick etsy search I found the perfect specimen at sit and sing vintage. Each stripe is a different piece of fabric, and it's got the right amount of wear and tear.



  1. I am stil super jealous. MORE JEALOUS EVEN. Looks so great in that little corner by the plant too! I never would have thought of that!

  2. I like! I saw a home with the California state flag in their living room (have the picture saved somewhere) and loved how it looked and want to incorporate it one day. Just need to find a vintage California flag.

  3. i love it! it adds the perfect amount of color and fun in your modern (and pristine!)living room.

  4. I love the flag; what a great find! But you are actually hanging it backwards. It's a common mistake. The union should actually be facing the viewer's top left as noted here:



  5. THANKS ladies!!! Caroline- that is a fab idea. I wouldn't mind a little Michigan state flag somewhere...

    and Claire! Thank you! I had no idea, although it makes sense that there are proper ways to hang the flag, since there are proper ways to do everything else with it :)