Saturday, September 10, 2011


top: urban outfitters, skirt: vintage from dutchdrift (and pointed out to me by darcy), shoes: swedish hasbeens 

 I finally sat down and started thinking about the two longer-length skirts I have in my closet right now. HOW THE FRICK AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR THEM. The things you can wear with shorter skirts just don't work here! So today I present to you my two new skirts, both with a stripey top. Any other ideas, friends?

 This white, ballerina/carrie bradshaw-esque skirt will probably be better in more cocktail party situations, as it feels so FANCY when I see it in person. We have plans to possibly attend a play at the Guthrie next week, perhaps that will be the perfect occasion!

top: urban outfitters, skirt: everly, purchased at primp, hat: charlotte russe, bag: vintage, sandals: vintage from it's a date 

 And here's my more recent purchase, this olive green maxi skirt. It's a bit more casual and thus leaves me even more dumbstruck as to what I should do with it. I don't want a mini Michael Kors playing in my head screaming "It looks like she just stepped out of A FARM in the AMISH COUNTRY or something. Just put a BONNET on her head and you've practically got LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE". So how to I make this baby work?

A note to all you Minnesota girls: PLEASE CHECK OUT PRIMP. It's on the corner of Selby & Dale in St. Paul and it's absolutely adorable. They get new items in every day and EVERYTHING is under $100. I've seen a few things in there that you can also find on but they're cheaper at Primp!! So please, give me your styling tips! I could use them!

Also, I'm pretty sure I need to get lenses put in the glasses I'm wearing in these photos. I popped them on for fun and didn't want to take them off! 


  1. I think the striped shirt looks cute! I think that cream would look great with a green shirt. I pinned this from Veronika the other day. Lots of ideas!

  2. Oooh, I love them both! I agree that a green shirt would look great with the cream skirt.

    Also, I think a tank top - either a fitted one in a bright color tucked in, or a looser one that is more cropped and hits right at your waist, would look great with them both. Also, patterned button-downs, tucked in, would look nice with the cream one!

  3. YAY! It looks great on you! Even though it wasn't my size, I'm glad I got to see it on someone.

    I'm a fan of the striped shirt. I think the chiffon skirt would also be nice with a blush blouse.

    The longer maxi would be nice with a patterned tank or an oversized sweater (depending on the weather).

  4. I love this! I'm still trying to figure long skirts out too but I think I'm just too short. I desperately need some Hasbeens though, after coveting them for years.

    Your blog is really lovely, by the way!r

  5. Oh! that skirt is adorable on you. I too have a pair of hasbeens, mine are black. Quite comfortable. My next purchase is going to be the closed toe clog- great for autumn and winter.

    Yes, longer length skirts are tricky to wear, but you've done a great job at keeping it nice and simple.

    Thanks so much.

  6. i think that white skirt would look fabulous belted as a dress with a fancy cardigan. although it looks darling as a skirt, too! they both look great on you! the sandals look great on you!! =)

  7. girrl i have the same prob with these lengths of skirts, mostly because i am SHORT. but both looks are great, love the stripes. my thoughts are to wear some cute cami's/tank and combo w/ cardigan or a denim jacket!

    love love!

  8. I think the brown skirt would look cute with a oversized lacy (or not) cream blouse (belted or not). I love both of these skirts! I've got the high-waisted and short skirts down; I hear ya on the long skirts. Tricky, tricky.