Saturday, May 21, 2011

shop girl

Etsy is KILLIN IT right now. I sort of gave up on the site for awhile after a long slump of "I can't find anything I like"-itis and a little bit of being overwhelmed by all the options. But recently I hopped back on and instantly found a few things that I can't live without... although my bank account seems to think I'll be okay. I'll probably listen to my bank account.

triangle garland by littleseeta, honey badger mug by corduroy (p.s. if you have not seen the honey badger video, make sure you are not at work or in the vicinity of those who might not like to hear swears and give it a watch. It's pretty hilarious.)

the greedy seagull has a PLETHORA of adorable clothing, although I'm particularly obsession with this pink printed dress, this linen ikat dress and this Jerry Gilden dress

large glove mold from AMRadio, small geo planter from mgmy

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  1. allow me to help your etsy loving heart and bank account! Have you heard of Dumb name, great concept. It is like groupon for etsy. The coupons are 50-70% off. Most of the sites they highlight are quite amazing. Enjoy!