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I think I'm still a little surprised that got a tattoo (1.5 years ago, at that!). I'm not sure why, either! All sorts of people get tattoos - not just bearded ladies and dudes who like mosh pits. Perhaps it's because I was pretty sure I didn't want one up until about a year before it happened. But now I'm extra super duper in love with them, and of course (like everyone told me) now I want a new one.

Here are some pictures I've been looking at for inspiration!

Amanda's tattoo was a big kick in the butt for me! Flowers were kinda on my list of things that I might like to be a permanent part of my body - especially since (in keeping with the childhood home idea) my parents have always kept a great garden. My memories of the peonies opening up with little ants crawling all over them are especially strong, so I'll probably work some peonies in there.

However, I think I'd like to draw the tattoo myself....

Like calligraphy extraordinaire Jessica Hische! She is really one of my heroes.

Left arm/should/back area is where I'm aiming for this time..

A great blog to check out if you're considering a tattoo yourself is Sometimes Sweet. Danielle features a lot of tattooed ladies (and some gentlemen) in her weekly Tattoo Tuesday series. That's where I found Megan Fay's super awesome laurel tattoo. Allison and I had big ol' gush fest on Sunday about laurel tattoos.

Another spot for inspiration is the somewhat hilariously titled f*** yeah, girly tattoos (c'mon now, no swearing in front of the blog!). There's a lot of uber trendy stuff (WAY too many feather tattoos, yikes), but every once in awhile something really beautiful pops up.

(p.s. As I always say when this topic comes up: sorry mom! I love you!)

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