Saturday, March 5, 2011

missing in action

You know what should have been on my list of things to do this year that I forgot? UPDATE THE BLOG MORE OFTEN, JEEZ-O-PETE. It's been an awful while since my poor bloggie has had anything new on it. So I'm going to throw up that little snippet of an illustration I've been working on every so often and also sing the praises of Pinterest.

Alli sent me an invite last month and I have been HOOKED. I even told her that sometimes I just go on there to look at all the pins I have - and then I get that same feeling that I get when I come home after shopping and look at whatever I bought. DO YOU KNOW THAT FEELING? It's great, right?

I've also got a tattoo board on there (for the next one, sorry mom I love youuuuu!) and one for a possible trip to Hawaii next winter. I'm trying not to think about that one too much, for the weather is still pretty nasty here. If you'd like to go check out my pins, they live here.

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