Saturday, December 18, 2010

to boot


yep. I have a boot problem. a bad one.... and with this awful Minnesota snow, I'm focusing on the ones that will keep my toes warm too! There are a lot of sidewalks here that haven't been plowed or even shoveled! Walking back to the apartment from my car today, I actually had to climb a mountain of snow to cross the street! A pair of Sorels might make that easier.


(clockwise from left: kensie girl Kedrina, Sorel Caribou, Sorel tivoli, Sporto Kelly, Sporto Kim, Sperry Top-Sider shearwater boots)

p.s. I leave to see my family in the mitten state tomorrow! It's going to be a week long christmas and birthday (for me AND my mom!) celebration, with lots of cookies and cake and food and fun! HOORAY!


  1. I didn't know you were a Michigander. Over the summer I thrifted some LL Bean Maine Hunting Boots and oh, I love them. So warm, so dry. I wear them every day that I'm not wearing my Hunters.

  2. Love your blog and illustrations, added it to my reading list. I too need warmer boots or maybe better boot socks. I love your picks, those shearwater boots are amazing.

  3. I love that illustration of you at the top. love. it.