Tuesday, November 10, 2009

album art

After a quick jaunt to Pittsburgh, I drove back with my family to Michigan on Sunday. After being obsessed with the aforementioned blog below, I decided to go about raiding the 'rents photo albums for submissions. BUT A WEIRD THING HAPPENED: Once I got these pictures onto my computer, I no longer wanted to just send them to a (totally sweet) website. I wanted to use them for.... well... something. I don't know what, but I've got an art project that needs to happen. It's been nice to be inspired by something new, as for the past few YEARS the only things I've been able to do are cute girls or pieces about ghosts.

So, here. A random selection of photos:

the benchhotel room



  1. ooooh yes yes. Amazing! I've been meaning to scan some of the gems from my parent's albums, as the ones we have from Scott's family are so awesome. I can actually SEE what your illustrations are going to look like from this. AND I LIKE IT.

  2. These are some really lovely photos

  3. wow, your parents took some nice photos... they even took interiors and still-lives?? very cool.

  4. What enchanting photos! I like the first one especially!

    Very, ve'y nice!

  5. That is so funny that you have the same F21 hoodie....it is soo comfortable, and the right thickness for fall (I find that I don't get over-heated in it like I do in other hoodies!