Tuesday, August 25, 2009

change of scenery

whenever the weather turns muggy and rainy like it is now, i begin to dream about fall and winter. Even though I'm definitely in a better financial situation this year I'm still going to try to use some of the items I have from summer into the fall season... but a girl's gotta dream about what to wear with these summer items, right?

1. A boyfriend blazer! I'd need one that fits just right, but they look sooo good when done right.

2. Some sort of gauzy gaudy necklace - the one in the image is from dorothy perkins and is sadly out of stock, but I think I can make one with some ribbon and faux flowers.

3. WHITE T-SHIRTS WHITE T-SHIRTS. With v-necks! I've really been converted, they're so simple and nice looking. I need more!

4. A plaid shirt... but not one with a girly cut or frills. Just a nice, simple, plaid shirt - easily dressed up or down.

5. scrunch socks paired with high heeled booties - but no studs or black leather. I kind of adore these outdoorsy ones in the image from Pedro Garcia Dorice. They are very unaffordable, but perhaps a more wallet friendly version will show its pretty face.

6. Now that my bracelet obsession is in full swing, I think it might be nice to get a few friendship bracelet/leather types to go with my gold ones.

7. black skirts. All the time.

And until fall hits I will enjoy my time in shorts, sandals, and that lacey white cardigan that will never cease to amuse me.

Also I have a wedding coming up in October. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR. I know this is ages in advance to think about, BUT SERIOUSLY I LOVE WEDDINGS.


  1. Oh no way, it is NEVER to early to start thinking about what to wear to a wedding! I am the same way...

  2. Oh I FEEL YOU.
    I have a running list of things that I want to buy that include:
    A velvet blazer
    A mohair sweater
    Men's boots
    Plaid Shirt

  3. A few of these items are on my fall wish list too, loving those socks too!
    Ps. Your table in the last post looks amazing, can't believe you found those chairs online!!

  4. Those heels are stunning!

    And for the wedding... hmm... how fancy is it? And what will the weather be like?