Sunday, May 31, 2009

before & after

as a part of my "explore st. paul" expidition, I took a quick jaunt over to Phalen Park to explore their beach - considering how much I love lakes. I love swimming in them, being near them, on top of them, underneath them... even that particularly lakey smell.

While I didn't swim, I did get an urge to find a new bathing suit. I'd been wanting a cute "not trying to cover up, trying to show off!" one-piece so bad last year but never found the right one. I'm now wondering wear I can find any retro style bathing suits.. delias has a few, but I want to expand my horizons. Suggestions?

also I watched That Thing You Do, Love in the Afternoon, and two episodes of 30 Rock today because I have some sort of weird stomach flu/food poisoning/indigestion. Rock.


  1. i've been wanting a cute retro one-piece as well! the only place i find them are at vintage stores, and i'm wary of wearing used bathing suits. i think it just goes against one of my inherent rules.

  2. Dudes. Modcloth. They look adorable and scream for beachtime fun.

  3. jenny and katie: agreed. emma: there are some here, Victoria's Secret and (of course) Urban.