Friday, March 6, 2009

spring ahead


earrings: vintage (Everyday People, mpls mn)
scarf: vintage (Abigail's Antiques, hudson wi)
flower brooch: h&m
cardigan: target
shirt: urban
jeans and bag: from alli!
shoes: walmart

I was going to post today about my supposed trip to zen box for lunch, but I got lost in the labyrinth that is the Minneapolis skyway system so I had to go to the Macy's food court for lunch instead (which was also tasty).

INSTEAD I'm going to post what I wore today, which I actually have never done before. But it is springy and beautiful outside and I feel springy and beautiful inside! Especially because I'm about to go find some good mom jeans at Savers with Alli. We're going to turn them into short shorts. It will be fun.


p.s. Music of the day is most certainly Andrew Bird's new album, Noble Beast. I just spent about five minutes on Youtube trying to figure out which song to link to. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD. In the end, I chose Masterswarm.

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