Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ice cube

FRICKABEES THAT'S COLD. I am naturally warm blooded and generally prefer a cool breeze to a sweaty gross one, but not when the windchill makes it NEGATIVE TWENTY OUTSIDE (that's tonight's forecast). Can it be spring now?


bill and i spent much time in his apartment today, blankets upon blankets upon blankets were piled on. But we still managed to get some work done! I worked on my dad's business card (to be revealed later) and bill worked on the most amazing poster known to man, whose progress is available to view here.

For something completely different, who's excited for LOST?! I know I frickin' am. So is Jin. (Do you think he's dead? I CERTAINLY DON'T. YOU KNOW THEY'RE BRINGING HIM BACK.)

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