Thursday, September 11, 2008


have you guys ever heard of a strange loop?! They fascinate me! Moebius strips fascinate me, too. Anything that has to do with something collapsing in on itself, or starting where it began, or connecting in ways that we can't even imagine. OR like the Ouroboros (pictured above)... the snake that eats itself.

Also, Renee Magritte does a lot of strange loop-esque paintings, and I loves me some Magritte. The only strange loop I do not like is the Surround Sound noise - I'm pretty sure (after doing some research) that it is what is known as a Shepard scale, which is a strange loop.

I want to do an illustration about strange loops, but if I did I would probably have to really work to not just copy M.C. Escher.......


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  1. WOAH i just need to say that i'd never been to the 'simply breakfast' blog until seeing the link on your blog and nowwwwww i have a new blog-reading obsession. such beautiful food photographs. mmmmmm