Sunday, December 30, 2012

back it up (2012 edition)

Woah, woah wait. Is it almost New Year's? When did THAT happen? Christmas is usually the holiday that sneaks up on me, but with a whole week spent in my family's company this year felt a lot more festive. So now I guess I have to figure out what I'm wearing... tomorrow? IS IT REALLY TOMORROW? Someone pinch me.

In the past few years I've done an annual round up, although usually more fashion related than anything. This year I kinda skimped on the wardrobe remixes, so let's just look back at 2012 as a whole, shall we? STEP INTO MY SPARKLY TIME MACHINE, BUDDIES!


january // new year's day food fest with all the bestest of friends / my first fashion blogger moment / mild winter weather / listened to buddies rock out / swapped clothes with the most fashionable ladies

screens!  summit

february // started a new feature that I really need to start back up again! Spirited Away next, maybe? / printed my butt off with mr. ferenc for a good cause / parties with new neighbors / chili cook off competing and consuming

march // hair experiments / a  feature on Apartment Therapy (and consequential freakout of happiness) / guest posted over at Erin's adorbs blog / finished up the latest album cover for the talented Matt Jones

april // participated in the pokemon battle royale at light greyroller skating (and creeper avoiding) with some fun ladies /  visits from my parents and my favorite katie / yearly friends brunch, a delicious gathering as always

may // california, california californiaaaa with the boyf's family.. and a mini katie reunion! / an epic "partyship"... complete with sailor hats! /  brainstorming with lisa leads to our (still working on it!) zine /  did I mention California?

june // the froyo obsession begins / meg hunt & light grey get my butt in gear at an illustrator's workshop / our very first CSA begins / beach trips and board games and dancing in the streets

Look out for the second half of this post! Coming tomorrow... OR IN 2013!!! (... depending on how lazy I am tomorrow)


  1. 2012 went by crazy quick. Thanks for posting this! (having stumbled upon your blog/work recently, it's awesome seeing your recap of the year). keep it up, lady!

  2. AwwYEAHHH! Cheers to a great 2013. (Love the recap.)