Friday, December 31, 2010

year round
(january 11th: I went layering crazy for awhile, usually using that cardigan and scarf, my favorite items of clothing.) (february 23rd: yep. more layering, more primary colors.)

When I started my new job in June my wardrobe remix collection kinda slowed down - it's tough when I wake up early (too dark) and get home late (too dark!). But I still like to review my photos from the year, and after seeing dear beatrice's adorable roundup, I thought I'd pick my favorite outfits from each month... be they drawn or photographed!

(march 28th: got my prized timberland wedges at a goodwill, making march my favorite month. This is also my favorite w_r photo for the year.) (april 13th: making a move to more monochrome pieces.)

(may 25th: maybe not my best outfit, but our trip to new york - this photo was taken at coney island - was really the highlight of the year. This was the first vacation for me & bryan and it couldn't have gone more perfectly!) (june 26th: by this picture I had started my new job AND was living in a dorm at night working ses, so using as many floral prints as possible kept me going!)

07.17.10 part two08.07.10
(july 17th: I went to more weddings than usual this year, thankfully I've got a few under-used party dresses waiting in my closet.) (august 8th: this was the only wardrobe remix I took this month! I still like it, though. It's my "If Emma Lived in Seattle Circa 1994" look)

(september 19th: my obsession with short boots was full fledged at this point. I honestly own at least three pairs, and I'd own more if I could just fit them in my tiny apartment.) (october 23rd: got this grandpa cardigan at a sidewalk sale, it's so cozy.)

(december 3rd: with the dark winter hours setting upon us I really can't find time to take any w_r photos! I might try to do more w_r drawings this year, they're so fun.)


  1. i really love your outfits, nice idea for rounding up your year with them! happy 2011!