Tuesday, December 18, 2012

wishing well

Was everyone and their mother sick last week? I know I was - and what I thought was a harmless cold one day turned out to be full blown pneumonia that lasted wayyyy too long. The worst part was my sense of taste was TOTALLY thrown off (this cheese tastes terrible!) and my appetite was gone. I ate a lot of soup (which lead me to never wanting soup again), and the rest of me subsisted on clementines, townhouse crackers, and antioxidant-laden green tea.

Let's just say I'm very glad to be well again... and just in time for the holidays! Tomorrow I'm off to Michigan for an entire week - blog posts, I've decided, will be optional... so don't expect too much!

In the meantime: I did another Ten Paces & Draw swap! This one was The Great Gatsby themed, which was great fun to sketch and illustrate. I loved my sketch from Allison Ranieri - the final isn't exactly what I wanted but unfortunately I had to finish it with a fever of 102. Next time!


  1. Tryin' my hardest not to get sick and drop dead here. I'd hate to be sick on the one vacation I get this year! Blog posts are totally optional too. More like - chances are they won't happen until New Year.

    Have fun in Michigan!

  2. Ha! Before I even read this post, I knew what it was about! I've been sick (still am pretty much, but at least I'm up and about) and was definitely hitting the clementines, soup, and green tea pretty hard. Didn't have any crackers though. I'm glad you're feeling better though! Being sick is no fun at all.

  3. Hey Emma! I loved the sketch you did for the Great Gatsby swap! It was really fun to work from! And your final turned out wonderful! I'm glad you are feeling better now...I've been sick with this cough-cold thing for more than a week, it just doesn't want to go away! D: Anyways, lovely work! :) ~Alli Ranieri