Saturday, December 31, 2011

back it up (part 1)

1.9.11this is where i live

I liked doing my round up of outfits I liked from last year so much, I think I'll do it again.... but this time I'll include some memoriessss as well. So step into my time machine (which I imagine is gold and sparkly with pink lucite chairs inside), and we'll travel through the first half of 2011.. TOGETHER!

+made resolutions, accomplished some. 
+hard boiled eggs

final chili3.13.11

+got my hair dyed professionally for the first time
+tried out the holga 
+super bowl chili party extravaganza!

+botanical garden trips 
+snowsnowsnowsnow (still)


  1. beautiful pictures and memories(sss). happy new year, emma!

  2. PINK LUCITE CHAIRS. Although, you had me at glitter.

    Emma, I am so proud that you accomplished some of your resolutions from last year! I dont think I did that. But still, yay!