Monday, December 3, 2012

party lines

Awwwww yiss, it's December. Time to be FESTIVE. Time to BAKE SOME COOKIES AND WRAP SOME PRESENTS. And, best of all, TIME TO GO TO SOME HOLIDAY PARTIES. I love me some holiday party fashion - there's no other time of the year when sparkles and gold and more sparkles are SO socially acceptable. To me, at least. 

So, let's imagine our dream holiday party outfits! This year I'm thinking it might be fun to add lime green (instead of pink or coral) into the mix. What say you? I whipped up two versions (cheapish and spendy) for your viewing pleasure...

CHEAP / dress / headband / clutch / hairpins / shoes / rings

SPENDY / earrings / top (can't find the one in the photo, which is Michael Kors, but there's a similar one here) / skirt / shoes / purse


  1. Beautiful outfits! I'd totally wear the second one, but would probably replace the yellow skirt with a red one (AND A BRIGHT RED LIP).

    Love this post. yes.

  2. One of my favorite reasons to celebrate this time of year!

  3. Oooh oooh ooh. I love that sparkly shirt...

    (P.S. I found your blog after I noticed that you posted some of my Governor's Island Jazz Party photos. Love the site!)