Monday, December 31, 2012

back it up (2012 edition... part ii)


july // cabin time = the best time. just look at this breakfast! / started thinking positively with positive inking! / made a lot of popsicles

august // sketched my patootie off / partied with the dead at light grey /  katie visits and we begin our pin curl adventure... to be continued! /  putted our way to the top at lili putt /

raspberry island

september // my very first ten paces swap! / scone'd it up / finally became a responsible plant owner / started a new chapter of my life / seasonal playlist obsession begins / continued my birthday crown tradition for alex / spent the evening watching movies in on a tiny island with some dreamy boys


october // took the boy to visit the mitten for the first time, a success / my pin curl tutorial with katie is revealed... and then posted on the hairpin!! / the portfolio gets a long overdue makeover / a night at the museum with our buddies charlie & regan / gloomy doodles gloomy doodles gloomy doodles! / Grimes rocked my earbuds off / alli's annual halloween party, always a hit  

thanksgiving foursquare pickled peppers

november // a visit from my awesome little brother / printed portfolio gets a makeover / pikaland feature puts a permanent smile on my face / pumpkinfest 2012 goes off like gangbusters / tritsgiving - so delicious, so fun

veggers presents

december // a spelling bee at the 331 /  first loaf of bread baked / a trip to the natural history museum with maria / couch-ridden with pneumonia / beat illness just in time to hop a plane and spend a glorious week in michigan for the holidays / went all out with my present wrapping / GEM PRESENTS 2012! bryan knows me too well

LAST POST OF 2012, BUDDIES! I've got a few things planned for January, including a real roundup of my Michigan trip and lots more art. Have a happy and safe New Year, internet!

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  1. Beautiful 2012 roundup, Emma! Lovely photos, as usual, and isnt it so heartwarming to remember all the great things that you've accomplished/done in the past year? Love it!